Everyone buzzes about being “customer-driven”— but what does it actually mean?

Everyone buzzes about being “customer-driven”— but what does it actually mean?

Property managers, software developers, and bankers — simply everyone talks about how they work with processes that are customer-driven. Sure it’s a buzzword, and there are several reasons why many companies use it. And, when properly used, customer-driven processes and activities are golden eggs for your sales. Studies indicate that buyers now have already completed up to 60 percent of the buying process before they contact a potential supplier. They have read and compared alternatives and discarded businesses and solutions that they do not believe can solve their problems. Our experience is that it has become harder for clients to commit to meetings, and that the requirements for the meeting itself have increased significantly. You need to be able to deliver your presentation according to the new expectations as an expert, rather than a “talking catalog.” It’s not about you. A customer-driven process is about meeting customer needs and expectations—and to answer the questions that they ask. It’s not only to find out what customers think, but why they think like they do, and then provide your solution on that basis. Customer-driven sales presentations work the same way as qualitative research. Unlike quantitative surveys—where the goal may be to get as many YES or NO answers as possible —the purpose of a qualitative study is to go deep and find out, in detail, what a person wants, thinks, or feels. Seen in this light, authentic customer-driven presentations address the prospect in the same way a market research company asks during random phone calls—with detailed-focused questions that require thought-out answers. Simply stated: the purpose of a customer-driven sales presentation is...

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