Yooba – The Mobile Sales Engagement Tablet Solution

Buyers today are more informed which means they are more in control of each sales opportunity. Sales people today have to be more advisers than ever before to build trust. They need to act as experts to create measurable business benefits by solving the customers’ needs. Yooba provides the insights and platform to empower your sales team.

Immediate Sales Value.

The Yooba platform opens up the dialog between customers, sales people and marketing departments. It helps you to optimize and streamline the sales process – before, during and after each customer meeting. The result? More selling time!

All Info in One Solution.

The Yooba platform provides the sales team with a unified solution to work in, where all materials are always up-to-date and available.  Perfect for internal and external training and data can be integrated with existing CRM and order systems to track activities and orders.

Cut Unnecessary Costs.

The Yooba platform provides extensive usage analytics. The marketing and sales departments can view and analyze in real-time which materials the sales team use, how it is used and in which customer meetings. This means that marketing can focus on producing materials that actually convert – a huge benefit for everyone.


Trusted by Successful Companies


With Yooba we can support Continental Foods’ sales people, increasing their efficiency in the field through easier access to information. Yooba’s centralized presentation management also lets us keep all communications up to date and with a clear brand identity.

Anders Pålsson, TopOfMind Marketing Agency

We Tackle Sales True Challenges

Sales Efficiency

An open dialog between the customer, sales person and the marketing department that provides measurable results. That’s sales efficiency.

Sales ​​Methodology

As the world changes the sales methodology needs to adapt. We help you replace seller’s monolog with a customer-driven dialog.


When everything is measurable, each client meeting is no longer a guessing game. That is the solution to the customer’s real needs.


Once you know the factors that drive sales, it is also easier to provide the right coaching and training – to all sales people.

Yooba Uses the Tablet Advantage

Every day, more and more companies are embracing tablets as their device of choice for mobile sales enablement. By making content available for prospects, customers and partners you can measure and monitor how it is used. Yooba ensures that your salespeople are armed with: The right knowledge – Specific to the current selling situation – At the right time – In the right place – Tailored to the needs of the buyer.

Bouncepad - Installationer för offentlig miljö

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We help you visualize your products, services and information in public areas – with Bouncepad’s market leading tablet enclosures. Engaging content for the user. Simple and easy to manage for you.

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Mobile Sales Support

Yooba provides a platform that opens up the engagement between the customer, sales and marketing departments. Yooba helps you optimize and streamline the sales process - before, during and after the customer meeting.

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