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Yooba at Sales Innovation Expo

Are you leaving your one sales opportunity up to chance?

Yooba is a sales meeting performance company. We offer cutting-edge solutions to serve one core purpose: increase your sales meeting success rate. Our platform is used to create and distribute stunning sales presentations, while delivering complete and actionable data that informs best practice behaviour.

The shift has already happened. Are you kitted for the new sales paradigm?

Large investments are made into your sales process:

• From product development and packaging — to segmentation and prospecting.

• From sales promotion and sales presentations…to corresponding learning and training.

• From meeting arrangements to reporting on your CRM system.

• From sales rep recruiting to staff-turnover reduction efforts.

It’s now common knowledge that the so called “sales process” has shifted into a “buying process”. They are more educated, and are typically 60% through the purchase process before they make contact.

– Your job is not just selling anymore —it’s filling in your client’s information gaps, and creating trust and loyalty.

In earlier days, linear presentations educated the customer perfectly—but today you require dynamic presentations: where you can answer the client’s questions by accessing relevant content with a quick “click” in real-time. In doing so, you are seen as competent, trustworthy, and seamlessly on top of things – qualities that provide true customer focus and service!

Improve overall meeting performance through empowerment and control.

If asked, your best performing sales reps could only increase their performance by a fraction— because they’re already “top notch”. Some might even claim that they don’t even need a sales presentation to sell, and perhaps they are right.

At the same time, the rest of your sales force will have large improvement potential. Standard figures say that around 20% of your sales reps are in the top tier, leaving 80% open to improvement.

Therefore, you will need full insight of what makes the best ones “the best”. You need a complete set of data feedback, in real-time, to identify best practices and to develop your learning and training—and to transform your sales presentations from good to excellent.

In sales you either seize the moment or lose the sale.

When it comes to your sales reps…

• What do they present to the customer, in what order and for how long?

• Do they only show half of the promotion films?

• Do they discuss price and terms only the last 30 seconds of the meeting?

• Do they avoid specific parts of your offering?

• Do they spend enough time in the beginning of the meeting to create social bonds?

Are you “blind” regarding the moment of truth for your business success—the actual sales meeting?

Don’t leave your one chance up to chance.

Yooba SMPP – Sales Meeting Performance Platform