With this new age of information there are great opportunities: new possibilities for increased growth, streamlined systems, and more a meaningful connection with your buyers. Even though the dynamic between buyer and seller is rapidly changing, there are ways to stay ahead of the game and powerfully convey your product’s value. Though the buyer is far more informed than ever before, it is possible to give your prospect an unprecedented experience. In order to do this, the modern sales rep needs to do the following:

1. Connect with the buyer in meaningful ways that address their problems and anticipate their concerns.

● Researching the company’s history, industry, industry trends, and competitors enables the salesperson to fully anticipate the specific problems that the prospect is facing, and serves as a point of trust and competence in conversation.

● Possessing dynamic interpersonal skills is always an asset, as is being personable. If possible, knowing more about the prospect to relate with them better is helpful; this is as simple as checking out their LinkedIn profile.


2. Obtain this multifaceted understanding with research, training, and preparation. The right technology can support and enhance this.

● Other peers in your company, such as customer service, other sales reps, marketing professionals and think tank studies can give a different perspective on the type of issues your prospect might be facing.

● The right presentations with all of this information in mind will make it more valuable and exciting.


3. Complete your sales conversation with technology that’s engineered to enhance your buyer’s experience and help drive home results.

● Your sales conversation will be made more effective, memorable, and interactive with the right technology. Capturing data, showing stunning visuals and video and illustrating your points with graphs and charts brings your product to life.

● Yooba has created our solutions specifically to enhance sales presentations beyond what was previously achievable—and our technology can be used by anyone in your company, not just experts.


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