Sales Efficiency is about creating new value for the customer

It’s easy to think that everything is ready when you have digitized your product data sheets and linked to an order system. We see that as the first, basic steps to start the real work. There are much greater benefits available than to reduce paper handling. It is ultimately about values that will benefit your customers and your business.

Our Process

Selling is about solving the customers’ problems. But to help you solve your customers’ problems, we need to first understand your problems. Then we present and anchor the solution through all levels of your business.

Then we have reached the halfway point.

To really make a difference requires a continuous effort. Together, we identify success factors, incorporate them and coach, and then repeat the process as needed.


Identify Problems




We Tackle the Sales & Marketing
Manager’s Challenges

Sales Efficiency

Sales presentations that are not used, sales people that spend too much time not selling, and buyers that believe sales meetings have little value. The statistics and research are clear – but despite that it is obvious what the solution is – not all companies are up to the challenge. Sales Efficiency is all about learning what works and completing activities more rapidly and more frequently – while eliminating administrative tasks. The Yooba platform is built with that specific goal in mind. Once you know exactly what the customer needs, it is easy to motivate sales people to work consistently towards set goals.

Sales ​​Methodology

In the past, customers had to rely only on sales people for information about products and services. Today, the customer is more informed and has already started the buying process before contacting a sales person. This important change means that sales people have to be solution-oriented advisors who can respond to the tough questions immediately and with credibility. The sales process has become a buying process where your sales people must be able to have valuable conversations that help buyers advance through their buying process.

The Yooba platform is based on providing your sales people with all the information they need – when they it – and always up-to-date. Instead of a monolog, you now have a customer-driven dialog tailored to the needs of the buyer.

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The effectiveness of a company’s CRM system is becoming less dependent on the number of features and functions it has. Often, employees perceive the CRM system as more of a problem than a solution and avoid using it.

When data from each customer interaction is captured and measured in the Yooba platform and integrated with the CRM system, the value of both systems is greatly enhanced. For sales people this means that all activities for each customer meeting is automatically available in the CRM system, and sales and marketing management can view and analyze in real-time which materials the sales team use and in which customer meetings.


Sales people typically only sell what they know and are comfortable selling. Therefore, for every new or updated product and service you launch, there is a tendency and risk that the sales people focus on what they are comfortable with and not the new solutions. However, well-educated sales people are more likely to challenge themselves and their customers presenting new products and services.

Providing education and training for your sales people is a key part of the Yooba platform. For each update of the presentation materials when new or updated solutions are launched, the sales people are provided step-by-step training. Via the analytics and reports, you can monitor the progress of each sales person’s steps through the training and can quickly and easily pinpoint areas where improvements can be made.

A Meeting Performance Platform

Yooba Sales Meeting Performance provides strategic and functional sales technology designed to increase productivity and sales results. By providing interactive content, training, and analytics for sales reps and frontline managers, Yooba powers client-facing meetings with an unprecedented advantage.

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