Press Release

Press Release

Yooba Sales Presentations Solution Integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to Store and Organize Sales Materials Stockholm – August 31, 2016. Yooba today announced plans to integrate its Sales Performance Management Platform with Microsoft Office 365 to provide additional document management capabilities. Content availability is fundamental to any modern sales conversation, and if companies are to make sustainable progress in their sales operations, they need to be able to align sales and marketing departments. Enhanced sales effectiveness ”By integrating Office 365, we will get closer to our clients’ ecosystems and given that, will naturally optimize their processes,” said David Nordin, CEO and founder of Yooba. ”Ultimately, we will generate sales effectiveness by providing controlled and validated content to individual sales reps and by doing so, provide a more streamlined process for marketers and key account managers managing that content.” “We’re pleased to see Yooba’s commitment to Microsoft,” said Rob Howard, director of Office Ecosystem, Microsoft. “Through its integration with Office 365, Yooba is helping provide sales organizations with a powerful and easy-to-use experience.” Data aligns sales and marketing Yooba automatically gather usage and consumption data from a wide set of client encounters, from personal customer meetings to shared online presentations. The aggregated data is exported to Microsoft OneDrive for Business on a daily basis. By levering the analytical power of Microsoft Power BI, along with Yooba’s customer tailored KPIs, the usage data can be transformed into deep and objective insights into many aspects of the sales process, producing sales content that is actually effective. With these insights in hand, marketers can apply a more pragmatic and sales-focused perspective in the...

A Meeting Performance Platform

Yooba Sales Meeting Performance provides strategic and functional sales technology designed to increase productivity and sales results. By providing interactive content, training, and analytics for sales reps and frontline managers, Yooba powers client-facing meetings with an unprecedented advantage.

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