Press Release

Press Release

Yooba Sales Presentations Solution Integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to Store and Organize Sales Materials Stockholm – August 31, 2016. Yooba today announced plans to integrate its Sales Performance Management Platform with Microsoft Office 365 to provide...
Three Musts for the Modern Sales Approach

Three Musts for the Modern Sales Approach

With this new age of information there are great opportunities: new possibilities for increased growth, streamlined systems, and more a meaningful connection with your buyers. Even though the dynamic between buyer and seller is rapidly changing, there are ways to stay...

A look into datadriven and modern selling

Yooba is helping sales organizations by supporting the sales rep in meetings with customized filestructures and meeting data generated in real time. With Yooba, companies can save time by minimizing administrative work for sales reps, and create more qualitative sales meetings through validated sales processes.

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