B2B-companies from different segments use Yooba. What they all have in common is a new way of selling, Yooba contributes to realize their strategies.

“Greencarrier is in the middle of a expansion face and we see a cutting edge strategic sales tool of highest importance – in a professional way support our sales representatives and boost cross selling.

We see Yooba as a long-term partner as in work and distributor of the tool that supports, refines and backs up our sales.”

Martin Svantesson

Chief commercial officer, Greencarrier Freight Service International AB

Your clients have a new buying process – Do you have a new selling process?

A look into datadriven and modern selling

Yooba is helping sales organizations by supporting the sales rep in meetings with customized filestructures and meeting data generated in real time. With Yooba, companies can save time by minimizing administrative work for sales reps, and create more qualitative sales meetings through validated sales processes.

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